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Fraternity and Sorority Life Statistics

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has the largest number of members in the greek community on any college campus!

Who is in the Greek Community at the University of Illinois?

  • 97 Chapters (37 Sororities and 60 Fraternities)
  • Four Governing Councils: Black Greek Council (10), Interfraternity Council (49), Panhellenic Council (26), United Greek Council (12)
  • 7,327 Undergraduate men and women, which represents approximately 23% of the undergraduate population
  • Five out of five recent semesters the ALL Fraternity/Sorority member GPA average is higher than the All Student average
  • Spring 2013: about 2,632 Greek students live in Fraternity and Sorority Certified Housing (36% of the Greek community)
  • Types of Chapters: culturally based, religious affiliations (Lutheran, Catholic, Christian, and Jewish chapters), and professionally based (Engineering and Agricultural)

Culturally Based Organizations – all statistics

  • 32% of all the chapters at the University of Illinois are culturally based (30 of 94 chapters)
  • 10 predominantly African-American chapters
  • 8 Asian-American and South Asian chapters
  • 9 Latino/a chapters
  • 3 multicultural chapters

Intake/Recruitment Statistics

  • PHC women: about 1,402 registered for recruitment, 991 pledged a Sorority

How Do I Join a Chapter?