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Registration and Identification Requirements

Registration for CBT and iBT Exams

  • The Testing Center does not handle the scheduling or registration of any CBT or iBT exams. Please register at the appropriate website for your exam.
  • Registration can NOT be completed in person at the Testing Center.

Identification Required for Admission to an Examination

Before you can be admitted to any examination, you must present current, undamaged, valid government issued identification (must have a picture and signature) that matches the name you registered with.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident you MUST present a valid passport. A permanent resident card AND a state driver's license or ID is required if you are a permanent resident. Ensure that your ID does not say "Not Valid for Identification".

The Testing Center is required to deny admission to individuals who do not have valid identification. CHECK THE APPROPRIATE TEST WEBSITE FOR DETAILS.

Valid forms of identification include:

  1. Passport (required for non-U.S. citizens and while not required it is also valid for U.S. citizens) – must be current
  2. Driver's license – must be current and undamaged (if it is in two pieces or invalidated with a punch by authorities we cannot accept it)
  3. State issued ID card with photo – must be current and undamaged (if it is in two pieces, says "Not Valid for Identification", or invalidated with a punch by authorities we cannot accept it)

What Happens on the Day of the Examination

  1. Candidates must arrive at the Testing Center at least 30-45 minutes prior to scheduled exam appointment. Once the security and registration procedures are completed the exam will begin immediately.
  2. Candidates must bring an undamaged and valid current government issued identification that matches the name you registered with.
  3. Candidates must store all personal and electronic items in a secure locker provided in the Testing Center.
  4. Candidates may take nothing into the testing area that isn't supplied by the Testing Center.
  5. Candidates will be video and audio recorded at all times.
  6. Security requirements include; pockets pulled inside out; long sleeves pulled up; pant legs raised above shoes; and electronic wanding before entering the testing room each time access is required.
  7. Candidates may leave early upon completing their exam, but may not exceed allotted time.
  8. Only individuals registered for an exam will be permitted into the Testing Center. The only exception to this policy is for adults accompanying a minor who is testing.
  9. Unaccompanied minors are not allowed at any time.
  10. No visitors are allowed at any time.
  11. Testing accommodation requests must be made prior to your test day to the appropriate test sponsor. You must contact them directly. Testing Center personnel will not make any exceptions to policies without prior authorization from the test sponsor.
  12. Policy exceptions can only be made by the test sponsor prior to any exam. They will notify the Testing Center in advance should they grant an exception. Insistence for exceptions on the day of the exam without prior authorization may require that you forfeit your test appointment.